Personal Care Product Formulation | Nutrition Supplements Formulation
For product formulations, we can work on the formulations provided by the client or we can help clients with product concepts in creating suitable formulations. In both the cases, we make sure that the formulations ensure high quality products and meet the highest standards.
Our main emphasis is on keeping the product as natural as possible and we avoid the use of fillers and excipients in our formulations. In case of unavoidable requirements for excipients, we keep the amounts minimal and try using vegetable source raw materials.
All the raw materials are placed under quarantine. Tests are conducted on them at our facility or at a 3rd party lab to ensure that the material meets our quality standards and specifications. Only once their identity, potency and purity are confirmed, it gets a go ahead for further use.
Dispensing and Blending
To ensure an even and consistent blend, our ingredients are constantly weighed and calibrated. The ingredients are blended in our Cone and V-type blenders.
Our high-speed semi-automatic encapsulation machinery gives us the flexibility for large and small production runs. We offer standard gelatin capsules, bovine capsules, porcine capsules, kosher capsules and vegetable based capsules. We also offer clear and coloured capsule along with capsule printing.