In-Process Testing
Throughout the production process, quality control tests are conducted at every step to ensure that the products are being manufactured and packaged according to the required specifications. Fill weights are constantly checked during encapsulating, tablets are checked for size and texture, disintegration and friability is monitored and during packaging, fill accuracy, bottle seals and labels are checked and verified regularly.
For personal care products, the filling process is monitored at all times to ensure that parameters like proper fill, label adherence and registration, cap torque, colour, fragrance and appearance are being fulfilled according to the requirement.
Finished Product Testing
The finished products are put through final testing to ensure that all size specifications and quality standards are being met. These tests may include Assay testing, tests for Micro, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Solvent Residues. Tests are also done on food products to determine their nutrition values. The products are released for sale once they get approved by our Quality Control team.
Regulatory Approval
We can provide assistance or recommend a 3rd party consultant or lab for product licensing and stability analysis.