Branding, Manufacturing Healthcare Products
We offer a variety of tablets and caplets in different sizes. We can also acquire tooling for custom shapes or tablet branding. Tablets are produced keeping in mind the colour, texture and disintegration needs of the client.
For Personal Care
Cosmic Nutracos offers filling and packaging options for emulsions and suspensions including basic products like shampoos, hand soaps, creams and lotions, as well as products like gels and hot fills. All our mixing and filling equipment is carefully chosen keeping in mind regular customer requirements and we are also capable of acquiring new specialized equipment incase our existing machinery is not suitable for a specific requirement.
For Foods and Consumables
We can manufacture a wide variety of food products like breakfast cereals, granola bars, cookies etc with our specialized imported mixing, blending and baking machinery. Only the finest ingredients are selected and raw materials undergo a strict quality analysis before use.
We offer a variety of innovative and functional packaging options. Containers and caps are available in an array of distinctive shapes, sizes and colours. We can also fulfill special or additional packaging requirements like child resistant caps, induction seals, desiccants and security neck bands. Shrink wrapping of bottles in bundles can be done as per the client's need. Food products are packaged in hygienic and safe containers using food grade packets and jars. While different sizes and color options are available to meet a wide range of requirements, we can also design and manufacture custom packaging with the help of our in-house design team.